Navigating the Building Permit Maze

Need a Building Permit? Want to legalize a non-permitted structure? Received an Order to Comply?
We constantly get phone calls with requests for information on a variety of topics such as:

  • Orders to comply
  • Where to obtain online information and forms
  • Illegal conversions
  • Code violations
  • Unpermitted guesthouses
  • Variances and Conditional Use Permits
  • Time saving Tips for getting a permit
  • And More…

As a free service to our clients and subscribers, we

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A (very brief) Guide to Tirana

Tirana is Albania’s largest city and serves as the country’s capital. Although Tirana’s history is relatively recent compared to that of the Albanian people, Tirana has managed to become the country’s economic, cultural and administrative center.

Tourists usually find Tirana a beautiful and charming city, with a lively night life. Tirana is undergoing a major renovation from its communist days. Many of the ugly dull buildings have been repainted,

Predominant Architecture:

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