Why Get a Building Permit?

Many people get into building without even thinking of the legal ramifications that may ensue. They might hire and pay upfront fees for the services of an Architect, Interior designer, Landscape Architect, Structural Engineer before even going to the Department of Building and Safety first to verify the feasibility of their proposal.

An uninformed owner may cause significant structural issues if the work does not meet building code requirements. Some jobs may cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

Sometimes you will

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Daniel Libeskind (1946 – Present)

Daniel Libeskind’s parents survived the Holocaust and met while in exile. As a child growing up in Poland, Daniel became a gifted player of the accordion. The family moved to Tel Aviv, Israel when Daniel was 11. He began playing piano and in 1959 won an America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship. The award made it possible for the family to move to the USA. Living with his family in a small apartment in the Bronx borough of New York City, Daniel continued to study music. He didn’t want to become a performer, however, so he

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A (very brief) Guide to Bruges

The Historic Town of Brugge hides stunning architectural monuments within its egg-shaped boundary. It is the home of both modern and medieval masterpieces. It was honored in 2012 with the title of European Capital of Culture. It boasts of its grand Royal Theater and of the Concertgebouw, where one can hear contemporary music or watch ballet performances. The city preserves many amazing landmarks within its walls.

Predominant Architecture:
Unspoiled for hundreds of years, the city’s canals, churches and

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