Cool High Tech Gadgets To Incorporate Into Your Home

A transparent TV. a wall that changes shapes and colors, a faucet that adjust the amount of water that we need…

As technology advances, so do gadgets. These innovations appear from a necessity of solving the problems that old products have and besides new and improved functions, they also come with a beautiful design.

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Peter Zumthor (1943 – Present)

The 2009 Pritzker architecture prize winner was born in Basel, Switzerland. The son of a cabinet maker, he is not a celebrity architect, not one of the names that show up on shortlists for museums and concert hall projects or known beyond architecture circles. He hasn’t designed many buildings; the one he is best known for is a thermal spa in an Alpine commune. And he has toiled in relative obscurity for the last 30 years in a remote village in the Swiss mountains.

He is often praised for the detailed craftsmanship of his designs.

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Chicago, the birthplace of the modern skyscraper is still a trendsetter in urban architecture and a must for people interested in 20th century urban architecture. But the Windy City offers a lot more than architecture alone. Chicago is a thriving center of international trade and commerce and a city of world-class status and unsurpassed beauty. It features world-famous museums and galleries, amazing architecture, lake front parks and a huge variety of restaurants and shops. It is a bustling city, with a vibrant nightlife and is also a great

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