California Missions – San Antonio de Padua

Founded: July 14, 1771 – Third of the California Missions

Special Designation: Mission of the Sierras

Named For: Saint Anthony of Padua, a thirteenth century Franciscan, the finder of lost possessions

Mission Site: Located in the Santa Lucia Mountains in an oak studded valley southeast of Monterey, on a what is presently a military reservation. The setting of this mission is much as a traveler would have seen two centuries ago.

Layout: Traditional quadrangle, largely restored by W.R. Hearst and the

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California Missions – San Gabriel Arcángel

Founded: September 8, 1771 – Fourth of the California Missions

Special Designation: Pride of the Missions

Named For: Gabriel, Holy Prince of Archangels

Also Called: Mission San Gabriel

Mission Site: The mission was originally established along the slopes of the Montebello hills at the native site of Shevaanga, overlooking the San Gabriel Valley. In 1775 the mission was relocated to the native site of Iisanchanga “about a league” (3 miles) to the northwest. This mission is 9 miles east of downtown

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California Missions – San José

Founded: June 11, 1797 – The Fourteenth of the California Missions

Named For: Saint Joseph, husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus

Also Called: The Mission of the Most Glorious Patriarch Saint Joseph

Mission Site: In Fremont, 15 miles northeast of the pueblo (and current city) of San Jose.

Layout: The layout was more of a rectangle than the traditional quadrangle

Mission Church: The simple but powerful San José church is a restoration of the 1809 church, which was destroyed in an earthquake in 1868.

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California Missions – San Juan Bautista

Founded: June 24, 1797 – The 15th of the California Missions

Special Designation: Mission of Music

Named For: St. John the Baptist

Also Called: La Misión del Glorioso Precursor de Jesu Cristo, Nuestro Señor San Juan Bautista (The Mission of the Glorious Precursor of Jesus Christ, Our Lord San Juan Bautista)

Mission Site: Located on the main plaza in the town that developed around the mission, some 90 miles southeast of San Francisco.

Mission Church: The present church was dedicated on June 23, 1812,

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California Missions – San Juan Capistrano

Founded: November 1, 1776 – The Seventh of the California Missions

Special Designation: Pride of the Missions

Named For: St. John of Capistrano, a 14th century theologian

Mission Site: Located within sight of the ocean in the town of San Juan Capistrano, which developed around the mission.

Layout: Traditional quadrangle

Mission Church: In 1778, two years after the mission was moved to the present site, a small adobe chapel was built, and soon replaced by the Serra Chapel in 1782. This is the only

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California Missions – San Luis Obispo de Tolosa

Founded: September 1, 1772 – 5th of the California Missions

Named For: St. Louis, Bishop of Toulouse, France, a 14th century Franciscan
Also Called: Mission San Luis Obispo

Mission Site: Located in a spacious valley along the central coast which the Spanish named “La Cañada de los Osos” (Valley of the Bears) when they discovered many grizzlies there. Unlike many of the missions which we re-situated over time, San Luis Ob?spo stands on its original site.

Layout: Traditional

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California Missions – San Luis Rey de Francía

Founded: June 13, 1798 – The 18th of the California Missions

Special Designation: King of the Missions

Named For: King Luis IX of France, who led crusades to the Holy Land in the 13th century.
Also Called: Mission San Luis Rey

Mission Site: Located on a hill overlooking a peaceful valley at the native village of Tacayme in the region know as Quechia, about five miles east of present day Oceanside.

Layout: San Luis Rey extended over six acres. By 1826 the quadrangle measured 500 feet on each side. There

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California Missions – Nuestra Señora de la Soledad

Mission Soledad deteriorated rapidly after secularization. It served for several years as the Felilano Soberanes ranch house, a grocery store and a restaurant and was then abandoned for almost 100 years. The Daughters of the Golden West restored the chapel in 1953, and the convento wing (present day museum) in 1963

Founded: October 9, 1791 – Thirteenth of the California Missions

Named For: Our Lady of Solitude (Also Called Soledad Mission)

Mission Site: Thirty

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Top Current Home Decor Trends

Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue… this adage holds equally true for the top home decorating trends.

What’s old is new again
Whether they’re genuine period pieces being repurposed or home furnishings reproduced from popular items from the ’50s, ’60s or ’70s, vintage is hot. Examples include chair frames redone in new upholstery, and traditional lighting fixtures in newer brass or pewter finishes.

A spectrum of colors

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A (very brief) Guide to Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, boasts an impressive number of palaces, monuments and other landmarks due to its centuries-long position as the heart of the Habsburg Empire.

Most of the city’s main sights are located in Vienna’s compact center or at the boulevard encircling the historic center, which makes it easy to visit the city on foot. Other neighborhoods are easily accessible thanks to the efficient subway.

Predominant Architecture:
A variety of architectural styles can be found in

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Charles Garnier (1825 – 1898)

Inspired by Roman pageantry, French architect Charles Garnier wanted his buildings to have drama and spectacle. His design for the magnificent Opera House in Paris combined the classicism of Renaissance architecture with ornate Beaux Arts ideas.

Jean Louis Charles Garnier was born into a working class family. He was expected to become a wheelwright like his father. However Garnier wasn’t healthy and his mother didn’t want him to work in a forge. So, Charles
Garnier took mathematics courses at the École Gratuite de

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