California Missions – San Gabriel Arcángel

Founded: September 8, 1771 – Fourth of the California Missions

Special Designation: Pride of the Missions

Named For: Gabriel, Holy Prince of Archangels

Also Called: Mission San Gabriel

Mission Site: The mission was originally established along the slopes of the Montebello hills at the native site of Shevaanga, overlooking the San Gabriel Valley. In 1775 the mission was relocated to the native site of Iisanchanga “about a league” (3 miles) to the northwest. This mission is 9 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Layout: Traditional quadrangle, with soldier’s barracks, neophyte housing, warehouses, and other structures (forming a second incomplete quadrangle) extending out from the central compound.

Mission Church: The unique San Gabriel church, completed in 1805, features a Moorish, “fortress-like” appearance, with capped buttresses and long narrow windows along the prominent side wall. The style is similar to the Cathedral in Cordova Spain.

Current Status: Active Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

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