Dear Friends.

Welcome to my architectural newsletter, a weekly brief that delivers short articles on unique architectural topics. By way of introduction, I am Mario Ortner, principal at Ortner Design, an architectural firm specializing in residential design.

Not long ago I embarked on a 4-month-around-the-world journey. I spent my days admiring the architecture of ancient streets, getting lost in back alleys and exploring historical sites. On occasions I wondered about the style of a particular building, the year it was built and so on. Many people share the curiosity, people who had seen a house they liked and had asked me to identify its style by name. My goal is to provide a snippet of architectural styles, famous architects,  fascinating buildings, green architecture and so on.

This is new territory for me but I have always enjoyed writing and hope to make this architectural newsletter entertaining and informative. You can help too. Please feel free to leave comments and let me know if there is a specific subject that interests you.

You may reach me directly at 310-592-5566 or use the “Contact” link to ask a question, leave a comment, subscribe to the newsletter or set up a complimentary site consultation. To visit the Main Site, please click the “home” button.

Thank you for your visit.
Mario Ortner