Fictional Architects in Movies

Barack Obama wanted to be an architect, so did Brat Pitt. Hollywood can’t get enough of them. For architects, it is not important what we learn about architecture from the films, but rather, what the films may reveal about popular perceptions of architects.

The Complete List: (Is there anyone missing?)
Paul Newman in “The Towering Inferno”:
Keanu Reeves in “The Lake”:
Steve Martin in “HouseSitter”:
Woody Harrelson in “Indecent Proposal”:
Michael Keaton in “White Noise”:
Frank Gehry (voice) in “The Simpsons”:
Gary Cooper in “Fountainhead”:
Jude Law (Landscape Architect” in “Breaking and Entering”:
Adam Sandler in “Click”:
Liam Neeson in “Love Actually”:
Wesley Snipes in “Jungle Fever”:
Luke Wilson in “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”:
Ashton Kutcher (Student) in “Butterfly Effect”:
Matt Dillon in “You, Me and Dupree” and “There’s Something About Mary”:
Tom Hanks in “Sleepless in Seattle”:
Charles Bronson in “Death Wish”:
Michelle Pfeiffer in “One Fine Day”:
Tom Selleck in “Three Men and a Baby”:
Henry Fonda in “12 Angry Men”:
Zach Braff in “The Last Kiss”:
Virginia Madsen in “Firewall”:
Matthew Broderick in “The Cable Guy”:
Richard Gere in “Intersection”

Famous Architects