Let your Phone Control your Home

Samsung Wi-Fi-enabled washer and dryer: the latest in smart home technology

The electronics giant has equipped a 5.2 cu. ft. capacity WF457 front-loading washer with a Smart Control system, allowing users to stay connected to the washer without having to manually control it at the machine. Consumers can, via a smart phone application, monitor cycle selections, remaining time and finishing alerts, as well as remotely start or pause the washer from anywhere in the house.

August Smart-Lock: Turn Your Phone Into a House Key

August, a new technology company will be selling a $199 smart-lock later this year. Similar to other smart devices, the idea behind August is that your phone communicates with an everyday object, in this case a device that you attach to your door. That base station or base plate, which is made of aluminum and attaches to the interior portion of your deadbolt, connects to your phone via Bluetooth. When you have the app on your phone and it is in close proximity to the base station on the door, the door will unlock or lock, depending on what side of it you are on. You can unlock or lock the door without actually having to press or do anything. Using the proximity sensors and Bluetooth, when you get to the door you don’t have to look for your phone or keys. It will automatically unlock the door. You can also send keys in the app to other people just like you would an email. It also lets you set permissions and check the lock status when you are away from the house.

Nest Thermostat: Warm Your Home With an App

About a year ago, a Silicon Valley start-up, led by former Apple executive Tony Fadell, set out to create the highest-tech thermostat on the market. They called it the Nest, the first thermostat to have a beautiful design and to let you adjust your home’s temperature by long distance with an app. The new model is more compatible with heating and cooling systems. And the new 3.0 software, which can also be loaded on older models, has a new system-match feature that works with different types of home systems to make better predictions.

Philips Hue: The Light Bulb You Can Control With Your Phone

It is a light bulb that you can control with your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Yes, with an app, you can not only turn on and off the light when you are away from home, but you can also customize the color of the light.

How does it all work? The starter kit, which starts at $199, comes with a smart bridge, a gadget that plugs into your home’s WiFi router. That bridge connects to the LED bulb and then the 600 lumen LED bulb connects to the hue app on your phone. The bulbs screw into your existing fittings, just like any normal light bulb.

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