Cyclone-Resistant Eco-Friendly Home

In the tropical climate of Far North Queensland, Australia, cyclones regularly threaten the homes and lives of residents. The Stamp House can withstand the power of a Category 5 cyclone. Its cantilevered arms prevent water from leaking into the house, making this structure one of the safest (and probably driest) places in FNQ to be in the event of a cyclone.

The house is situated on a tiny island in the middle of a pond, accessed by a long walkway over the pond. The structure is made up of a mixture of new and recycled concrete, which helps to insulate the building and keep it at a comfortable temperature year-round. The home features both public and private spaces on two levels. The large cantilevered chambers house a grand total of seven bedrooms. The heart of the home, in the center of the bedroom wings, contains a lounge, a dining area and a gym among other things. A solar-powered generator provides back-up power when necessary. The home has its own closed water system which harvests water from the surroundings, purifies it, and then puts it back into the system.

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